Jason Nelson Poetry

Could be a Bulb-less Socket           

the light, the electric circle held empty  bulbs,
exploded in surges,     such sudden power.

Maybe a Torn Poster

Angrily torn, the 1978 softball championship poster reminded her of a stalled Chevy and running through a thicket to reach a player-less field,   calendars lie

Possibly Rows 4-8 of Green Shelves

A false back hides the luxury evils, burning       leaves  fermented fruit, pictures
           of unclothed creatures    and a book, lurid in its scientific accuracy

Most Likely Bone and Holes

the experiment quickly failed,   a dog injected with hormones for bone growth.
Horns formed but the spine            was too heavy for a small heart

Used to be a Locked Box for Keys

for two years they cared for a ailing neighbor    the widow’s monthly checks,
                various funds and apologies  continued to arrive long after her demise

Purchased as a Blue Plastic Something for Bolts

organization adds meaning to hours and movement  the blue box, small drawers filled and emptied and filled with objects, same color, same desire, of same same

A Pile so Placed as to Appear Defeated

when ordering a foster child, check for cancer prior.  A promising science fair creation, wires and tubes  demonstrating death interferes with grade school discovery

In the Future this will be a Pink Trolley

physics can be colored for gender clichés, everyone needs to carry objects heavier than elbows allow and sedentary fat storage makes torque troublesome

Before the Digital Radios were Our Language. And a Horn.

with waves a mystery, unknown signals bringing lives so scripted, he replaced the antenna with an antler hoping this evidence of hunting would prove his brave ear

Assuming these are Fishing Nets, he wrote to the Judge

on the twentieth anniversary of winning a church raffle, the prize a custom scrapped pond, stocked with bottom feeding fish, they bought nets and planned to one day fish

A Board for Bills and Other Staples.

But something used to be here. Something always used to be on the plains.