Jason Nelson Poetry

perched talkies

held against the studs,

     a dentist office bracket

bought and framed

an upside down city,

   held aloft by fog

evidence of almost victory

everyone has a pinnacle, his was

     hooking the third largest catfish

human target shooting

the armless man, shadowy
     and circled,

will not be having breakfast

perfect blue chair

pristine because only his dead

    wife, resurrected, can sit

hat on a beer with a hat

branding so internal even bottles

wear hats

in case of sun or cold

cluster and corner

this is where

the wood

dead cowboy

a cord, so depressed,

    is a toy’s end

so many devices to control

attempting to simplify and divide

    control, a remote for every channel

small hands use markers

sometimes children see happy monsters

sliding in the mud
sometimes parents are proud

of what they cannot see

blanket, blanket, blanket

after eating crayons and paint,
    the creature slept,

a heating pad for slowly

foreground lamp shade

I’m sorry my love, but your cat

   lives on to shade our lamp

where feet die

carpet seeds thrive on beer

    and soda, a table overgrown

a couch for gravity

slumped into a lazy smile

     by a great weight

carpet brings it all something

This spot, this one small patch

   of green and blue has never been

store bought culture

living in Oklahoma means

   pretending to be 1/16th native