The Mla-Elit2012 Exhibition Prize

A collaboration between Jason Nelson & You, my dearest You
  1. What is this "Prize"?

    The Mla-Elit2012 Prize is scared of quotation marks.

    And it's actually two prizes, two E-Lit Creatures. The first is a collaborative creation using short textual, imageual, videoual, otherual content from any and everyone. The second is an interactive E-Lit artwork created by Jason Nelson from the winner or winner's content.

    Some introductory words in sequence.

    Electronic Literature (and its awkward cousins/wealthy neighbors) is often built from the internet's interactive, multilayerd/dimensional, two-or-more-way languages. Therefore the Prize desires your participation, words and creative wanderings. So using twitter/e-mail fanciness you can play. The second prize is in the grand artistic/literary tradition of dedication and portrait, with Jason Nelson creating a new work about the winner(s).

    See the "How do I enter my creative bits?" tab for the question word friends of what, where and when and their terrible enemy, the word how.
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  2. How do I enter my creative bits?

    With careful precision and easy late night confidence.

    I dislike rules. They are for controlling scientists and arsonists. However, as those explorating, creating literature are equally devious, we have murky guidlelines. The brightest "rule" is to realize the Collaborative Project and Prize are E-LIt creations to be published and then archived in a secret vault for space-faring future scholars. So send compelling and original critters.


    The Collaborative Project

    Between now and the 6th of Janurary, you can either email ( ) or Twitter ( #mlaelitprize ) very short poetry, prose, small images, brief videos (send UT/VIM url). I will use most of the content submitted (and give you credit!) and build a collaborative artwork. Include your name and location!

    I will most likely reconfigure your content to suit the work. So don't get all preciously huffarific.

    The Big Fancy Mla-Elit2012 Prize

    When you send content for the CP, you are automatically entered into the BFEMP. Or you can just enter the darn thing without sending creative bits (contact tab!). I will randomly choose one (maybe more) winner(s) and then based on whatever content you send me, I'll create a badass E-Lit fictional/poetic portrait based on your gloriously shining details. You will get a copy and I will send it around the word luvin' world.

    Panel 2

    Hey Jason, I'm sleepy. Oh and what kinds of content should I submit?

    Try more oxygen and less screen. As for CP content, think brief but brilliant. If you use the Twitter hashtag I'll think fondly of your abilities in sleepy moments. However, you can also email the hell out of me. I won't include everything, but I'll include most. Remember to include location!


    A few poetic lines, very short prose, found texts.


    A few web-optimized, smallish-sized images.


    A URL (YouTube/Vimeo) of short video.


    Charts, animated gifs, or other creatures
  3. Who the heck is Jason Nelson?

    A prairie born digital poet and magic baffler.

    Born from Oklahoma flatlands, Jason creates wondrous digital poems, interactive stories of odd lives, art games and all manner of curious digital creatures. Currently he lectures at Australia's Griffith University. He exhibits widely in galleries and journals, with work featured around globe at FILE, ACM, LEA, ISEA, ACM, ELO and dozens of other acronyms. But in the web based realm where his work resides, Jason is most proud ofthe millions of visitors his artwork/digital poetry portal attracts.


    Sydney's Siberia

    It is not technology making our wires, nodes and swimming data streams, our ever growing networks, beautiful. Instead it is the stories/poetics, the forever coalescing narratives that form the inter/intranet into a vitally compelling mosaic.

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    Art Poetry Games

    Video games are a language, a grammar or linguistics of various texts. The sounds, the movement, the graphics, the rules or lack of rules, everything about a video game is a component of language. A digital poetry game must combine all these elements.

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    Wittenoom and Heliozoa

    Digital poetry should surround the reader, to encompass them in the experience, to entice their hands and eyes to move with the language and explore the interface. It's critical for digital writers to see the interface, visuals, sounds, and movements as poetic/fiction elements.

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  4. ELIT exhibit at MLA, are you mad?

    Not angry, slightly nuts. But the Exhibition rocks, so take that.

    "Electronic Literature" Exhibit at MLA 2012, curated by Drs. Dene Grigar, Lori Emerson, & Kathi Inman Berens..."featuring over 160 works by artists who create literary works involving various forms and combinations of digital media, such as video, animation, sound, virtual environments, and multimedia installations, for desktop computers, mobile devices, and live performance."
  5. ENTER and CONTACT here?

    Realizing it's not a question, reach out below.

    Use the contact form or email addy to send yer bits or use the hashtag to love it up. but do it soon!


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